Osmo Putty Filler Walnut 250 gm


Wood Filler is a non-acryllic and water-based, ready to sand when dry, will not clog sandpaper and sands off like talcum powder.

Available in the following colours:

•  Antique Oak
•  Ebony
•  Mid Oak
•  Natural
•  Walnut
•  White Oak

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Product codeTAR/WA

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Product code: TAR/WA

Grade: Putty Walnut

Species: Walnut

Group: Accessories

Category: Fillers

Type of Finish: n/a

Brushed: n/a

Profile: n/a

Specification: n/a

Unit Weight: 100g

Pack size: 1

Size: 250 Grams

Width: n/a

Thickness: n/a

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