Primatech Nails 32 mm x 2000 L-Nails


Primatech Nail 32mm x 2000 L-Nails

Specifically designed for the application of hardwood flooring, Primatech steel cleats are ideal for fixing various types of wood strips or planks to bases such as plywood or joists.

Each cleat features a sharp set of barbs on each side to provide just the right amount of holding power.

This design allows floors to expand and contract with seasonal cycles, thereby preserving their integrity and providing a lifetime of performance.

Pack Quantity: 2000 per box

Size: 32 mm (1-1/4")

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Product codePTN/35

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Size: 32 mm (1-1/4")

Product code: PTN/35

Grade: Nails 32 mm

Species: n/a

Group: Accessories

Category: Tools

Type of Finish: n/a

Brushed: n/a

Profile: n/a

Specification: n/a

Unit Weight: 1

Pack size: 1

Size: 32 mm x 2000 Nails

Width: n/a

Thickness: n/a

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