Saicos Ecoline MultiTop Gloss (9995Eco) 4.55 Ltr



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9995Eco: Colourless Gloss Ecoline Multitop
is a water based 1K lacquer on polyurethane basis for common and heavy wear. It is part of a coating system especially developed for wood and bamboo flooring as well as heavily worn furniture surfaces.

Field of Application:
Interior floors of all wood species, hard and soft woods - parquet, solid wood and engineered woods.

Preparation: Surface must be dry and clean (max. wood moisture 12 %). Sand off any lacquer or paint remains. Sand wood surface thoroughly. Final sanding should be done with gross grinding net or sanding paper of grain 120 - 150 – also in edge areas. Remove sanding dust thoroughly with dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Coverage: capacity per litre
1 litre = approximately 9 m2 with 1 coat

1st coat = apply evenly and thinly. Remove surplus material with lint-free absorptive cloth.

Drying time: 3-4 hours (depending on temperature and air humidity). Ensure good ventilation.

2nd coat = also apply evenly and thinly and leave to dry as above

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Product code: SMGL/4.55

Grade: Gloss 9995Eco

Species: n/a

Group: Accessories

Category: Sealers

Type of Finish: n/a

Brushed: No

Profile: n/a

Specification: n/a

Unit Weight: 4.5kg

Pack size: 1

Size: 4.55 Litres

Width: n/a

Thickness: n/a

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