Ash Fine Line Unsealed 200 x 15 mm

Engineered Flooring 200 mm x 15 mm

Ash flooring has grey to brown hues and a creamy colour overall, brightening up a room with its textured appearance. Our Ash Fine Line floor has a more consistent tone, with its refined shades of blond bringing light to a room and quietly introducing texture, depth, and character.

Our engineered overlay wood flooring meets modern requirements and keeps a traditional wood flooring appearance. The multiple layers of plywood backing give support to the visible top layer of the precious hardwood, resulting in a floor that looks and feels like a solid wood floor but that can still be sanded and re-finished after years of use. An overlay floor must be laid over an existing subfloor.

Advances in engineered flooring technology mean that boards can now be longer and wider than ever. A wide floor enhances the atmosphere of a room, particularly in large spaces, and gives a modern and elegant feel to any project.

This fine line product is unsealed, giving you the opportunity to finish it as you like, using an oil to retain the warmer tones and characteristics of Ash, or a lacquer to enhance the wood’s natural hues.

£36.67 / m2 + VAT

Product codeALOFU/200

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We recommend adding 7-10% m2 to the total area for board or strip floors, or 10-15% for parquet.

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Floor Size: 0m2

Packs: Variable pack size

Our engineered board has been produced using a Russian WBP birch ply, manufactured to European standard EN 326-2. The adhesive used to bond the board is an E1 category, PUR adhesive (formaldehyde free) to DIN/EN 14257 and DIN/EN 204 low emission glue which is heat and water resistant in accordance with BS EN 14342:2005+A1. The top layer is kiln dried to between 8-12% moisture content.

The formaldehyde emissions are: 0,01 ppm, pentachlorophenol emissions: <0.8 mg/kg.
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) is 0,10W/mK.

Suitable for secret fixing to a ply subfloor, floating on an underlay or a fully bonded installation to a screed subfloor. The unsealed board is supplied pre- sanded requiring only a light 100/120 grit sand to finish.

Product code: ALOFU/200

Grade: n/a

Species: Ash

Group: Engineered Flooring

Category: Engineered Overlay

Type of Finish: Unsealed

Brushed: No

Profile: Tongue and Groove

Specification: Non-bevelled

Unit Weight: 13kg

Size: 200 x 15 mm

Width: 200 mm

Thickness: 15 mm

Suitable for underfloor heating: No

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