Bona R850 Adhesive 15KG

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Product code: BON/R850

Bona R850 wood floor adhesive is suitable for almost all types of wood flooring and subfloors.
It can be used on tiles and metal as well as underfloor heating.

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Before using the adhesive the following climatic conditions must be met (values for Central Europe):
Air temperature: min. 18°C
Floor temperature: min. 15°C (with underfloor heating max. 20 °C) R.H: max. 70 %
The adhesive itself must, if necessary, be brought to the right temperature. After opening the bucket remove the protective foil and hardened adhesive at the edges.
The adhesive should be applied evenly using a notched trowel appropriate to the flooring being laid (see above). The parquet should be laid on the adhesive and pressed down firmly during the open time, approx. 40 minutes.

Product code: BON/R850

Species: n/a

Group: Accessories

Category: Adhesives

Type of finish: Adhesives

Brushed: n/a

Profile: n/a

Specification: n/a

Weight: 15 kg

Under Floor Heating : n/a

Unit Measurement : n/a

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