Power Jack-200 Joist Clamp

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Product code: POW/2

The PortaJACK-PRO floor tightening jack is intended to hold flooring strips tight and keep in place for nailing. can even straighten crooked or bowed flooring strips and hold within the nailing position. It can apply quite a large amount of force and provide the hold necessary to free the installer’s hands for nailing. The PortaJACK-PRO is designed as one tool that may both push or pull the flooring strips tight. With its removable shoe you can with efficiency position the jack on the ground or in the field of flooring without injury to the flooring, enabling hands-free operation for nailing.

• Tightens and holds flooring strips in place for nailing
• Straightens crooked or bowed flooring strips and holds in place for nailing
• Ergonomic style
• Rated for 1.5 tons of force
• Removable shoe (patented) for placement in field of flooring
• Wide shoe profile prevents harm to flooring tongue

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Product code: POW/2

Species: n/a

Group: Accessories

Category: Tools

Type of finish: Tools

Brushed: Joist Clamp

Profile: n/a

Specification: n/a

Weight: .2 kg

Under Floor Heating : n/a

Unit Measurement : n/a

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