Measuring Guides for Wood Flooring

Measuring your space for Wood Flooring


When it’s time to get a quote or purchase a new floor you will need to know the square meterage of the area to be covered. The easiest way to do this is measure the longest point of the area and multiply it by the widest point.

This will give you the area. You will then need to allow an amount for wastage, between 7-10% for a board or strip floor and between 10-15% for parquet woodblocks.

Calculating the square meterage and cost of the wood flooring for your space

Wood flooring is packaged in a variety of packs and sizes. The Natural Wood Floor Company provides a calculator to help calculate the costs of flooring and the number of packs required for each individual flooring product when you click on the product information details. Please note that you must always factor in an additional 7-10% for a board or strip floor and between 10-15% for parquet woodblocks for wastage.

Measuring Rectangular rooms

Square or rectangular shaped rooms. Measure the room, longest (a) by widest (b) and multiply by each other. Example: 6.5 x 5.1 = 33.15 M2

Measuring L shaped rooms

Divide the room into two easy to measure areas, again measuring longest by widest and multiplying by each other. Example: 6.5 x 5.1 = 33.15 M2  +  3.5 x 2.1 = 7.35 M2    Total  =  40.5M2

Converting from Imperial to Metric measurements

If you happen to measure your floor in feet and inches, then follow the above step to get the area and divide the total by 10.76. This will convert square feet into square metres.

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