Making our own wood flooring

We pride ourselves in being able to supply our own products, manufactured to European standards with full quality control over the whole chain of production, from seed to floor. This is almost unique within the industry, as most retailers of wood flooring rely on purchasing materials from manufacturers from all over the world, without the knowledge and assurance that the product is ethically sourced or made to last.

The process

It takes a lot to transform a raw log into a beautifully crafted wooden floor. It all starts with purchasing the right kind of logs and then cutting them into carefully chosen pieces. These are refined and calibrated before being transported to the kilns for drying. From here the product is sent for final machining, finishing and packing. Your beautiful wood floor is now ready to complete its journey to your home.

Energy Efficiency

We invest heavily into our manufacturing processes, and can proudly say that we operate at a 0% waste policy. All of the waste products are either used up in recovery products and sold or used to produce electricity and heat the factory.



Exacting Standards

We check our work at every stage of the production process to make sure it reaches our high and exacting standards.  We have a team of experts who have been with us for many years, so they all have the right expertise to spot anything that’s less than perfect.

Showroom Opening Times


Open 8am - 6pm Mon to Fri, 9am - 4pm Sat