Our Team

At the Natural Wood Floor Company, our team of experts are ready to assist you in choosing the right floor for your project. We’ve been in the flooring industry for decades, and we’ve got the experience & knowledge to prove it!

Expert advice on flooring projects

We advise both professional and private clients in all steps of choosing a floor, from the method of application to the choice of adhesives and sealers. Our expertise doesn’t end there! We are at the forefront of innovation in floor manufacturing with a cutting-edge factory in Romania. This is unique in the industry, as unlike other companies in the UK, we can proudly say that we manufacture the floors that we sell. No one knows more about our floors than we do!

It's unique to be able to go to a store and deal with the same knowledgeable staff for over 10 years for their advice and quality products.

Petar at Elite Wood Flooring Ltd

I’ve been buying floors from NWF for 15 years now. The best thing is that all the materials are in the warehouse and ready to buy. They sell their own products so the quality is their number one priority. If you don’t have enough material you can get it the next day and not have to wait for orders from third parties like in other shops. Everything you need is in their showroom, which is the largest I’ve seen in London.

Alex at Wood Floor Specialist Ltd


We also hold training days for flooring installers and fitters in conjunction with major suppliers of floor accessories as we like to keep an up to date knowledge of the latest products.

If you’re interested in buying any products, would like to know more about our company, or if you’re looking for advice on a flooring project, contact our team or visit our London showroom where we have free customer parking.


Showroom Opening Times

8am to 6pm Monday- Friday, 9am to 4pm Saturday