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Frequently asked, February 2, 2018

The Natural Wood Floor Company’s Insider Tips

Here are some simple guidelines for keeping your wooden floor looking its best:

  • Allow 8 hours after the last application of top coat before walking on the floor, and 72 hours before moving in furniture.
  • For the first week after installing and finishing your floor, do not cover the floor with rugs and do not use cleaning or maintenance products.
  • If there are further works to be undertaken, ensure that suitable protection is used to cover the finished surface once it has fully cured (no sooner than 7-10 days after the top coat has been applied).
  • Vacuum regularly to remove abrasive particles of dust and dirt.
  • After one week, clean the surface with a damp, soft cloth or mop using a suitable flooring detergent (diluted as appropriate). Never use a dripping wet cloth, as too much water can cause the boards to swell, or can cause discolouration in the wood grain.
  • To remove everyday stains, use a detergent suitable for the finish that has been applied to your floor. For stubborn stains, use the detergent in its concentrate form.
  • To remedy dullness and scratches apply a suitable polish.


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