Why choose Parquet Flooring?

Our parquet is available in a number of species, including Oak and Walnut, and in either engineered or solid construction. Our range of parquet floors includes premier and natural grade as well as with a bandsawn effect or aged parquet. In addition to parquet woodblocks with traditional dimensions, we manufacture and sell large parquet blocks as well as chevron parquet blocks.

There are plenty of fitting options to consider. Standard parquet wood blocks can be laid in a number of traditional patterns such as the classic and universally adored herringbone pattern as well attractive basket weave and brick styles. With the variety of designs available, with parquet floors you can create the effect you want.[Have a look at our full length article on parquet floor laying patterns].

Parquet can be used in any room in the home. It makes a fantastic first impression in hallways, brings an elegant charm to living rooms, and looks stunning in bedrooms. Parquet suits all styles of décor because of its universal style. In bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and hallways, parquet will always look the part.

Don’t be put off by parquet if you have a small or narrow shaped room. The pattern of the blocks can play with perspective, helping to visually elongate or widen a room.

What is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet wood flooring was first introduced in France in the late 17th century. Parquet wood blocks have fixed dimensions, so they can be laid in intricate geometric patterns. Parquet remains a sign of quality and craftsmanship and has been growing in popularity for years.

Parquet wood flooring is a great way to introduce pattern in a subtle, stylish, and enduring way. The Natural Wood Floor Company manufacture all of the parquet flooring that we sell and are able to ensure that our parquet floors are manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

Types of Parquet Flooring

Oak Parquet Flooring

Oak is a great species for parquet wood flooring. The versatile nature of Oak means it is perfect for all kinds of design scheme. A natural looking Oak parquet floor will mature from a pale tan-biscuit hue to a more honeyed look, aging naturally and with grace.

Because Oak takes pigments very well, it lends itself well to pre-sealed flooring. Our range of pre-sealed Oak parquet floors go from the fashionable warm grey coloured Coastal Grey oiled Oak parquet to the dark and dramatic finish of our Jacobean lacquered parquet. While an oiled finish penetrates into the wood to protect the timber and enhance the grain, a lacquered finish gives a subtle boost to the wood surface but still retains a natural look and feel.

Walnut Parquet Flooring

Walnut is a beautiful dark and intense brown hardwood with a high-end look. A Walnut parquet floor will add a luxurious appeal to any property. The rich dark brown hues of Walnut combine with subtle tonal variations, so that the striking geometric pattern of the parquet floor complements the colour and physical characteristics of the wood.

A more adventurous looking parquet floor uses a combination of Walnut and Oak in a fine line construction. The thin alternating strips of Walnut and Oak contrast each other in this dazzling and modern looking floor. With rich detail, pattern, and colour, our Walnut fine line parquet adds depth and interest to a room.

Chevron Parquet

Chevron parquet blocks are cut at an angle at both ends, in contrast to other parquet wood blocks, which have square ends. Because of this, a chevron parquet wood floor will have the classic chevron zig zag pattern running along the floor. This is a highly popular pattern and can be found in many designs and styles, from fabrics and wallpapers to furniture and prints.

Aged Parquet

One of our most popular products is our Aged Oak Parquet woodblock. Each block is tumbled to create worn, soft edges, creating a convincingly antique or distressed look, as if the floor has developed naturally over the years. The wood is then sealed with a natural oil to produce a traditional looking floor with an authentic feel. The end result is a parquet floor which has the elegance and charm of an original antique floor but with the added benefits of modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

The advances in modern manufacturing mean that unlike original solid wood parquet, our engineered Aged Parquet blocks can be used with under floor heating. With this floor, you get all the benefits of a modern floor but with the looks, character, and charm of a reclaimed floor.