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Article, December 17, 2021

Top tips for a healthy, happy home

Now more than ever our homes are safe havens and creating an environment that enhances our sense of wellbeing and is good for our psychological health has never really been so important.

There are lots of ways to create a happy and harmonious home, with many of them focusing on room layout, organisation and overall decoration. Here are our top tips for bringing a sense of wellbeing into your home.

Think about colour: the psychology of colour is well worth researching before deciding on a colour scheme if you’re redecorating, as the shade you choose really can affect your mood. Green and blue are said to be tranquil and restful colours, while yellow is positive and purple signifies strength and peace. Now go grab that paintbrush!

Keep things organised: A tidy house creates a tidy mind, or so some say. It’s true that being surrounded by mess and clutter won’t give you any space to think and can be quite stressful if you’re left thinking about how you’re ever going to have time to get round to tidying. Invest in some clever storage solutions if space is at a premium, free up work surfaces in the kitchen and organise some cupboard space in your dining or living room. Once that’s done, sit down with a cuppa and relax! 

Opt for natural materials: Not only is this one good for your wellbeing, it can be good for the environment too and there are lots of sustainable materials that are very on-trend in interior design currently, so your new-look abode will score high in the fashion stakes too.  Materials such as stone and wood are increasingly being seen in rooms including the kitchen and bathroom and are perfect for any style of property too. Natural wood textures underfoot create a physical and psychological connection with the outdoors and are therefore ideal for putting your worried mind at ease. A light blonde wood exudes a sense of calm, while a walnut wood floor is characterful and sensual. Engineered wood is suitable for any room in the home, from hallways to bedrooms, and kitchens to bathrooms and with the addition of underfloor heating your feet will be pleasantly warm all year through. That should get you smiling!

Add greenery: Houseplants not only look good, they help purify the air by naturally removing toxins. As they release oxygen, they help us breathe more easily, something which is very important when a few deep breaths are required to stop us getting cross at the offspring! Houseplants are said to improve mood, reduce stress levels and increase our attention span, so if you have a home office without some greenery, now is the time for a trip to the garden centre! 

Our homes are where we should feel at our happiest, calmest and healthiest and making a few simple changes to the décor can work wonders for our sense of wellbeing. For more ideas on how to introduce the natural look of engineered wood flooring to your home, click here for inspiration


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