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Manufacturing, January 31, 2018

What is the difference between Oak flooring grades?

What are flooring grades?

Grading is a way of separating different qualities of timber from each other. These differences may arise from natural differences between, for example, different parts of a tree. Or there may be different manufacturing processes that produce different grades.

Using Oak, our primarily available species, here is a rundown of the grades available:

Oak Flooring Grades

Premier Grade Engineered OakPremier Grade

Premier grade is also known as Prime, Select, or A B grade. It is the highest grade of flooring that we provide. Premier grade is considered a cleaner, more contemporary look with minimal knots and variations. Premier grade Oak will usually cost more than other flooring grades.


Natural Grade Engineered OakNatural Grade

Natural grade flooring will have larger and more frequent knot content than Premier, and allows for some colour variation, mineral streaking, and a more variable grain pattern. Because of this, it has more character than Premier and looks less uniform.


Millrun Grade Engineered OakMillrun Grade

Millrun is a mixed grade with qualities from both Natural and Premier grades and is primarily used for factory finished products.

Looking for a particular grade?

The above detailed grades of flooring all share the same structural quality and our floors of any grade are made to last. If you’re looking for a particular grade to suit your preferences, head over to our Flooring section to browse the full range of products.



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