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Article, December 10, 2017

Solid and Engineered floors explained

What are the differences between solid and engineered floors?

The defining difference between solid and engineered flooring is the number of layers. A solid board is a single piece of solid timber. An engineered floor is made up of several layers of timber.

Why are engineered boards made up of layers?

An engineered board has up to 11 layers of plywood backing. Each layer is glued at a 90-degree angle to the adjoining layer. The surface layer of a precious hardwood is then glued on top.

This a much more efficient use of precious hardwoods than in a solid board. Engineered flooring is also more stable and has a robust construction that is resistant to environmental changes.

Why engineered boards are the preferred choice

There is a lower moisture level in engineered boards. Because of this, engineered floors are suitable for environments with large changes in temperature and humidity, such as bathrooms, utility rooms or kitchens. One key difference is that engineered flooring is suitable for under floor heating, while solid boards are not.

Where and how can I install an engineered or solid floor?

Solid boards have in the past been the primary choice for wood flooring. But, they are not suitable in environments with high humidity or with under floor heating. They must also be fixed to the sub floor with nails or screws.

Engineered boards can be fitted in most rooms in the house. They can also be floated or fixed to most types of subfloor together with an underlay. This means that an acoustic underlay can be used to significantly reduce sound if the floor is fitted in apartments and upper floors.

Engineered flooring is the prevailing choice

Over the last 10 to 15 years, flooring sales have been trending towards engineered flooring in general, far exceeding solid wood flooring. Technological advances have enabled wood flooring to now be installed in environments that were previously out of bounds for wood. Not only that, but there is greater variety in engineered flooring products than in solid. We are at the forefront of manufacturing advancement, and strive to offer a product that is of the highest possible quality standard and is made to last.

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