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Projects, February 2, 2018

Wood Flooring for Hallways, Receptions, and Stairs

Wood flooring in Hallways and Stairs by The Natural Wood Floor Co


Having stylish wood flooring in hallways and stairs or in a reception area can impress visitors and link other rooms together.

Wood flooring in these high traffic areas can also be a functional choice given the durable nature of a wooden floor. With the right aftercare, a wood floor can easily stand the test of time. You can read about our tips for taking care of your floor here.


Staircases look best when they match the interior design and style of the rest of the house. Our step and riser kits are an inexpensive solution for upgrading existing stairs and for creating a smart and hard-wearing surface. They look great on their own and even better when combined with other wooden floors in the home. Or to create your own bespoke staircase, our wood flooring can be used to link the staircase design to the rest of your home.

Hallways and Reception areas.

Parquet blocks give the floor a sense of direction and travel in a hallway or reception area whilst seamlessly flowing from one room to another. The fitting pattern of parquet lends itself well to hallways, with the use of “tramlines” subtly marking the borders between hallways and rooms.

Traditional boards are great for matching a hallway with stairs when using the same finish on both. This helps the transition from downstairs to upstairs when keeping to a consistent style around the house.


To the left are some examples of wood floors we have supplied for installation in hallways, receptions, and stairs.

For more inspiration, contact our sales team for further information and expert advice on your flooring project. Our expert sales advisors are happy to discuss your needs for a hallway, reception, staircase, or any other room in your home or workplace. Have a look at some of the picture galleries at our Pinterest and Houzz pages.




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