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Stauf VDP 160 Water based primer / DPM 10kg

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Product code: ST160/10
Product code: ST160/10

Prior to processing, the subfloor must be checked according to the standard DIN 18356, DIN 18365 or corresponding national standards. The subfloor shall be resistant to pressure and tension, free of cracks, must have sufficient surface strength, be permanently dry, level, clean and free of from contaminants that may prevent adhesion, sinter layers etc. In addition, porosity and grip of surface need to be checked. Also check moisture content and absorption of subfloors as well as temperature, air humidity and subfloor temperature. Calciumsulfate (flow) floors and magnesite floors must be permanently dry, cement floors with residual moisture may receive as damp proof membrane by applying the STAUF primer. The maximum admissible residual moisture for cement floors is 3 CM-%.
It must be ensured that the subfloor is ready for installation by performing proper subfloor preparation, floors must be clean, have sufficient surface strength, must be level, permanently dry and free of cracks. A mechanical pretreatment of the subfloor (sweeping, vacuuming, mechanical brushing, sanding, milling, shot blasting) must be performed depending on type and condition of subfloor. Cracks and joints, except expansion joints and other construction joints, shall be solidly closed with STAUF repair resin and floor brackets. Cavities and indentations can be filled with a non self-levelling STAUF levelling compound.

With regard to installation, always additional observe floor manufacturers instructions. Apply a single coat of the mixed or ready-to-use primer using an appropriate applicator. Apply within the processing time and avoid the formation of puddles. Alternatively, a foam roller, brush or smooth blade can be used. Within 72 hours after application, adhesives or levelling compounds can applied on primer. To accelerate the drying process, ensure adequate ventilation. Primer soaks into porous, absorbent subfloors and forms a closed film on dense, non-absorbent subfloors. Use as a vapour barrier: Apply the primer to the screed with a roller using approx. 150 g/m2, the drying time is approx. 60 minutes. Then apply another rolled on coat using approx. 150 g/m2. The total quantity applied must be at least 300 g/m2. The drying time is at least 15 hours.
When used as a vapour barrier primer on residual moisture cement screeds, no damage to floor coverings or parquet caused by generally excessive building moisture can be excluded. For heated cement screeds with excessive residual moisture, consult STAUF application technology. Not a valid substitute for sealing according to DIN 18533.
The foregoing representations are based on the results of our most current product and material testing and are of a non-obligatory advisory nature only since we have no control over the actual quality of workmanship, materials used and worksite conditions. As such, they do not constitute an express or implied warranty of any kind. The same applies to our commercial and technical consultation services which are provided free-of-charge and without obligation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that prior on- site testing be conducted to observe and study the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. With the release of this technical information, all prior technical information (technical data sheets, installation recommendations and other information regarding similar purposes) becomes invalid.

Product code: ST160/10

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Group: Accessories

Category: Adhesives

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Weight: 10 kg

Pack Size: 1

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