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Hush Mat 12 1.25m2 per sheet

Accessories 1000 × 1250 × 12 mm

£36.00 incl. VAT

Product code: HUSH/12
Product code: HUSH/12

Hush Mat 12 is a high performing acoustic floor system that has been uniquely engineered to reduce both impact and airborne sound when laid over a structure. The acoustic rubber mat ensures the highest levels of impact sound reduction are met and due to the products mass there is also a high level of airborne noise reduction. This is something that doesn’t normally occur with an acoustic floor.
When used in the right application, Hush Mat 12 can
be installed over timber, concrete and screeded floors with lath and plaster, suspended timber/metal ceilings or resilient bar ceilings to ensure compliance with all UK Building Regulations.

Size = 1250 x 1000mm
(nominal) Thickness=12mm
Cutting: By sharp long bladed trimming knife.
Score the surface then run through with knife several times to avoid tearing. When shaping, use large scissors or tin snips. A circular saw should be used for large numbers of straight cuts.

Product code: HUSH/12

Species: n/a

Brushed: n/a

Profile: n/a

Specification: n/a

Weight: 10 kg

Pack Size: 1

Dimensions: 1000 × 1250 × 12 mm

Width: 1250 mm

Thickness: 12 mm

Length: 1000 mm

Type of finish : n/a

Unit Measurement : per Item

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