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Frequently asked, May 23, 2020

How do I maintain an oiled wood floor?

Cleaning and maintaining an oiled wood floor

Regular cleaning of your oiled wood floor will keep it looking its best. Maintaining your floor in the correct way is essential, as the oil it has been treated with has specific needs compared to other finishes.

One of our most important rules is to never use steam cleaners or scrubber dryers.

Follow these simple steps to keep your floor looking its best

Dry cleaning

You’ll need a vacuum, scissor mop, or soft bristled brush for this, and we recommend that you do this daily. This is important, as it removes any abrasive particles of grit or dirt which can scratch the floor when trafficked under footwear, furniture legs, or other items moved across the floor. A useful tip is to clean along the grain of the floor to remove any trapped dust.

Damp cleaning

We recommend that you do this weekly at least. Use Osmo Wash and Care, just slightly dampening the mop. Then mop dry any excess moisture, as this will avoid penetration into joints of floor boards. Regular use will enhance your floor’s resistance to dirt and signs of wear.

Refreshing the finish

When there are noticeable signs of wear, we recommend that you try Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner, thinly applied with a pad or cloth. With light buffing, it cleans and refreshes all in one due to its natural oils and hard waxes.

Intensive cleaning

For a more intensive clean to remove interior and exterior dirt and stains, we recommend using Osmo Intensive Cleaner, which loosens dirt and then requires wiping away with clear water. This allows for a hardwax oil to be reapplied.

View our range of cleaning products.

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Contact us for any advice on cleaning or maintenance.

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