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Frequently asked, May 23, 2018

How do I maintain a lacquered floor?

Cleaning and maintaining a lacquered wood floor

To keep your lacquered floor looking its best, regular cleaning and maintenance is highly advisable. Not only that, but using the correct products is a must. Lacquered floors have specific needs compared to other types of finish.

One golden rule is to never use steam cleaners or scrubber dryers on a lacquered floor.

Follow these simple steps to keep your floor at its best

Dry cleaning

We suggest that you use a vacuum, scissor mop, or soft bristled broom daily, to ensure that abrasive particles of grit and dirt are removed. This will help avoid scratching the floor seal. One useful tip is to wipe along the grain of your floor, as this will most effectively remove any trapped dust.

Damp cleaning

Try to do this weekly at the least. Using a floor cleaning product like Bona Parquet Cleaner and an applicator pad keeps your floor looking brand new as well as protecting it against scratches and dullness. Be sure to wipe off any excess moisture after cleaning!

Intensive cleaning and refreshing

When there are noticeable signs of wear, you’ll need to occasionally use a more intensive product such as Bona Freshen Up. This is easy to do with an applicator pad or suitable mop and will revive a scratched and dull surface and provide continued protection against wear. Your floor will need approximately 2 hours to dry after this kind of treatment.

Topping up a gloss finish

How often this needs to be done depends on the amount of traffic your floor gets. You’ll need a gloss polish such as Bona Parquet Polish Gloss and will have to dry clean your floor first, then more thoroughly with Bona Cleaner. Finally, you can apply the polish with a Bona Applicator Pad. We advise that you apply this to an initial test section of the floor. Then, leave the floor to dry for at least an hour.

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