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Article, May 31, 2024

Oak floors lend a London terrace homely charm

In the heart of south west London, nestled amidst the bustling streets lies a 1930s-built Victorian terrace, owned by a retired couple embarking on a journey to revamp rather than relocate. With an eye for preserving history and an aspiration for modernity, the couple have lived in the property since 1988 and sought to breathe new life into their cherished abode.

Photo: Andrew Beasley Photography.

The property had already undergone extensions and loft conversions over the years, but the couple envisioned a redesign of the existing rear extension, a remodelled ground floor with a relocated utility room to the basement, and the addition of a WC and study area. Quality of light was paramount, and maintaining the L-shaped layout of their old extension was crucial to preserve the sun-kissed ambience of their courtyard.

The goal was to create a space that exuded warmth and character, something beyond the ordinary. Choosing engineered oak flooring to run seamlessly throughout was a choice not just based on aesthetics; it was about creating a seamless transition, a harmonious flow that would tie the old and new elements of the home together. The classic charm of the oak flooring resonated with the history of the property, while simultaneously adding a touch of contemporary elegance.

Paired with shaker cupboards adorned with bronze wire scroll handles — a subtle homage to tradition — the flooring is a unifying element, grounding the space with its timeless allure.

The rich, dark blue cabinetry and joinery stands in stark contrast to the warmth of the oak flooring, creating a dynamic interplay of colour and texture. Yet, far from clashing, these elements complement each other, striking a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

And the transformation does not end there.

Full-length glass doors now adorn the rear of the house, offering uninterrupted views of the courtyard beyond. Here, the engineered oak flooring truly came into its own, seamlessly extending from indoors to outdoors, blurring the boundaries between the natural world and the comforts of home.

The couple’s once cramped and outdated abode has been reborn into a space that exudes warmth, charm, and a sense of belonging. With its inviting ambience and timeless appeal,

The Natural Wood Floor Co’s engineered oak flooring plays an integral part.

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